Hemispheres Institute is the merging of two souls into one – RightHemispheric, and ECRV (Expanded Consciousness Remote Viewing).

The purpose and scope of Hemispheres Institute is to change the landscape of Remote Viewing to show and teach what it naturally is – A method to expand consciousness.

Other primary goals of Hemispheres Institute:

  • Research and develop new methodologies
  • Other esoteric training outside of Remote Viewing
  • Continuation of the building of a massive library of information on anything and everything
  • Development of esoteric technologies based on Remote Viewing
  • Film making based on Remote Viewing data
  • Acquire a property for live training and research


Shorty after the declassification, John was trained in this method of information retrieval, and because of his skills, he quickly became a professional Remote Viewer and Director of Operations for one of the few successful civilian remote viewing think tanks to date – Trans Dimensional Systems.

He remote viewed and ran teams of remote viewers on client projects; from the technology and financial sector, to counter-terror for the FBI, and mysterious projects for other alphabet agencies.

After closing shop in the early 2000’s due to death threats, and continual harassment by a covert group intent on shutting the business down, John turned his focus to pursuing his interest in TV and media, while still running a team of Remote Viewers under RightHemispheric.

He worked with National Geographic on a number of projects, in which one went to air called, “Psychic Gold Hunt”.

He also appears on the History Channel’s, Ancient Aliens and William Shatner’s The UnXplained, as well as other TV Networks and documentaries, like Old World Order 2 at EdgeofWonder.tv, The Cosmic Secret, The Uncontrolled Narrative, etc. You can also find many interviews with John on YouTube, as well as his channel – RightHemispheric Remote Viewing. Conducting expeditions to areas of high strangeness, based on remote viewing data, is one of the main areas John focuses on for film.

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Heather Offord-CEO and Founder Of ECI
Expanded Consciousness Institute was developed by by Heather Offord. A natural savant in the remote viewing field. With near perfect aptitude in her training and testing with John Vivanco, she consistently demonstrated 90-100% accuracy on all remote viewing targets through rigorous testing when learning TDRV in an intensive group class.

Heather has also demonstrated highly accurate telepathic abilities as well as having precise accurate premonitions and prophecy have flown from her since childhood.

After she completed her training and testing with TDRV she created a new remote viewing method, ECRV -Expanded Consciousness Remote Viewing. Using a combination of remote viewing structures and innovations with sensitivity trainings that stretch far beyond the current remote viewing training experience.

Heather’s RV training style is both refreshing and holistic. Learning structure is important but so is expanding the conscious perceptions while peeling away the limiting layers in our belief systems. Ego death and realizing the oneness of us all is essential for us to be one with the force. To use PK abilities we must let go of the ideas of that we are separate from that thing. If you are “trying” then you are in ego and not surrendering to the wholeness that is you, Heather says.

You may have seen Heather featured with John Vivanco on the hit series, Chronicles of a Psychic Spy.