This live course is meant to take you through a journey in expanding your consciousness. 

Taught by Heather Offord, and John Vivanco.

In the realm of psychic functioning and knowing the self, this course will take you through a journey exploring various ways to access your own broader consciousness and capabilities.

This type of training is a lead-in to more expanded and focused courses The Hemispheres Institute will be rolling out in each category. 

This class will consist of 5, 2.5 hour classes from:

April 5th 2021 to May 3rd – 5 Classes!

Every Tuesday from 5pm to 7pm US Pacific time.

The class will consist of lectures, instruction, practice, and Q&A.

The meeting place will be on Zoom, and a Telegram group, for communication and connection.

If you miss a class, no problem, it will be recorded.

In between classes there will be homework assignments, so come prepared to work.

You will be working on your own consciousness expansion daily for a month, and come out with tools to help you move forward. 

Instruction will include:

  • Color Sensing – Everything is vibration. How do you sense and attune yourself to frequencies? This will hone you to sense the frequency of colors, but is also a lead-in to all vibrations.
  • Telepathy – Mind to mind transmissions, to specialized on-paper techniques to communicate without speaking. 
  • Astral Travel and Tool Making – Did you know you could create tools in the astral? 
  • Remote Viewing – a very basic primer, and practice. 
  • Also covered, along with practice – PK, truth and lie detection, non-local image streaming, remote healing, and more. 

Come learn how to expand into the multiverse!

Cost is $400.00 US

Sign up below at the link!

OF NOTE – Please make sure your email address in paypal is a current one. You will receive instruction at that email for the class! If you have signed up and have not received an email, check your spam.

After signing up, you will receive an email with details on the class within a day or two.

Refund Policy – Full refund up to 24 hours before the first class. No refunds after that due to limited class size. By signing up you agree to the refund policy.

Course will be up soon!