TDRV (Trans-Dimensional Remote Viewing) is an iteration of CRV (Controled Remote Viewing). This remote viewing methodology was tweaked from CRV in the 1990’s by Trans-Dimensional Systems, one of the very few, fully functioning, remote viewing think tanks. Being a civilian operation working with corporate to gov, this was tailored to accommodate the goals of TDS and the people we worked with. John and Heather are currently the only people publicly training the TDRV style.


Learn the FULL TDRV methodology live online with John and Heather.

This course will consist of 5, 2.5 hour classes from:

July 26th to August 23rd, 2023 – 5 Classes!

Every Wednesday from 5pm to 7:30pm US Pacific time.

The class will consist of lectures, instruction, practice, and Q&A.

The meeting place will be on Zoom.

If you miss a class, no problem, it will be recorded.

In between classes there will be homework assignments, so come prepared to work.

You will be Remote Viewing nearly every day for a month!

Once you take this class, the next level awaits!

Instruction will include:

  • The Remote Viewing Protocol
  • Tasking methods
  • The Remote Viewing Methodology TDRV
  • Plus Non-local Image Streaming, Somatic RV, Physical Profiling and Consciousness Mapping, depending on time and interest.

Learn to travel the multiverse with your mind!

Cost is – 475.00

Sign up below at the link!

OF NOTE – Please make sure your email address in paypal is a current one. You will receive instruction at that email for the class! If you have signed up and have not received an email, check your spam.

After signing up, you will receive an email with details on the course.

Refund Policy – Full refund up to 48 hours before the first class. No refunds after that due to limited class size. By signing up you agree to the refund policy.