Telepathy is mind to mind communication, and this is not just between humans. 

Did you know that everything has something to say? Understanding how to tune yourself to the frequency of what and who you want to communicate with is the key. 

Telepathy occurs in subtle, and not so subtle ways. It all depends on the clarity and focus of your mind when you engage. Neutrality, and discernment is also key!

There are also different ways to practice telepathy, and this live on-line course with Heather Offord and John Vivanco takes us through these methods.

From simple sending and receiving, to a method developed by John using a basic remote viewing methodology, and even animal communication – this month long course will be the training ground for your exploration.

Each week the class will meet on Zoom for 2.5 hours, where we will learn methods, then practice them. The ensuing weeks, for a month, there will be homework on the specific methods learned. Outside of the class, in the duration, further instruction will occur in the class Telegram group.

Whether we practice communication with each other, or with other beings, this course will help you to understand where you have to be internally, in order to send and receive.

There are no prerequisites for this course, and anyone, whether you believe you have any ability or not, can join.

The month long course begins on September 7th, 2022.
Each class will occur on a Wednesday, beginning at 5:30pm US Pacific time, and ending at 8:00pm. The last class will be on September 28th.

If you miss a class, no problem! All classes are recorded so you can catch up.


Make sure your email in PayPal or Stripe is current, and check your SPAM! Once signed up, make sure you whitelist the email address. 

Once enrolled in the class, you will receive an email from John with more details, so please look for that. 

Refund Policy – Full refund up to 24 hours before the first class. No refunds after that due to limited class size. By signing up you agree to the refund policy.

The course is $450.00 US (Currently unavailable)